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Hollencamp, Charles H. (Rev.)


Causa Causarum

Fr. Hollencamp’s dissertation, which was slightly revised and published in its entirety in the Laval journal, treats of the nature of the good as a transcendental. It considers, first, the doctrine of St. Thomas on the good and its relationship to final causality. Then, Fr. Hollencamp details the “the theoretical misunderstandings and the textual misreadings which led gradually to an utter loss of this notion of good amongst influential Schoolmen of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.” He appeals to the exposition of John of St. Thomas to defend the teachings of Aquinas and illustrate how the late Scholastics’s errors anticipate those of early modern philosophers’s denial of the good and final causality in the natural world.

Photo Source: Parish Histories

[DRAFT] Fr. Charles H. Hollencamp (1914–1989)

also got STD at Angelicum!!!

Various docs search here; taught at U. Dayton? NO: or at Mount St. Mary of the West (now the Athenaeum of Ohio); CONTACT? also there is a biography of him!

Dayton, OH parish: 

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