Students of Charles De Koninck

The following is a database of the doctoral students of Charles De Koninck. While the focus is on dissertation students, other students are included, especially those who acknowledge De Koninck in their own published work. The Jacques Maritain Center and Notre Dame lists dissertations directed by De Koninck alongside others written while De Koninck was still teaching, but without indicating whether De Koninck was a director or not. The bibliography compiled by Armand Gagné is itself also described as incomplete. Consequently, the below list is as complete as possible, and indicates those who studied with De Koninck but did not write under him. Click on the entries to see more about the doctoral projects of De Koninck’s students and their careers afterwards. Many of their dissertations were published in excerpted form in the Laval théologique et philosophique journal, or are now available via open access at CorpusUL.

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