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Drouin, Paul Emile (M.S.C)


Étude comparée de saint Thomas d'Aquin et de Suarez sur la question de l'entitatif et de l'intentionnel

Fr. Drouin’s dissertation aims at clarifying the mode of union between the object of knowledge and the cognitive power, in the course of comparing the doctrines of St. Thomas and Suárez on the subject, and criticizing Suárez’s insufficient treatment of the difference between entitative and intentional being.

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Fr. Paul Emile Drouin, M.S.C., (1915–2004), entered religious life with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in 1934 and was ordained a priest in 1941. For most of his career, he taught philosophy at one of the order’s seminaries, St. Joseph’s Apostolic School (Watertown, NY), and later at the University of Laval. He also served as a director of studies as well as both local and provincial superior in his order in Québec, apart from his ministry as priest, confessor, and spiritual director.

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“L’entitatif et l’intentionnel: étude comparée de la doctrine thomiste et de l’enseignement suarézien.” Laval théologique et philosophique 6, no. 2 (1950): 249–313.

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