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Project news: Affiliation with Sacra Doctrina Project

The Charles De Koninck Project is long overdue for an update.

In an essay for Public Discourse a few months ago, V. Bradley Lewis commented that De Koninck’s “most important work was published fragmentarily and in somewhat out-of-the-way venues. It’s known to a relatively small group of specialist philosophers.” Fragmentarily published it was, and often in places difficult to find. Finally, it is still, unfortunately, too little known. Alasdair MacIntyre’s impromptu survey at a Notre Dame conference in 2021 is hopefully less accurate now, but probably not by much.

Yet it is also true, as MacIntyre claims, that “Charles De Koninck is the major author of the most important development of Thomism in the twentieth century, often referred to as Laval Thomism … and its greatest exponent.” Indeed, as a student of St. Thomas, De Koninck sought vetera novis augere et perficere in a profound way.

Over the past few years, the CDK Project has made progress: in its website, the bibliography of the works of De Koninck, and a curated bibliography of secondary sources on De Koninck’s life and work that is continually updated. Further resources about De Koninck’s doctoral students and their work is underway.

The main work of the Project, completion of The Writings of Charles De Koninck series begun by Ralph McInerny, is ongoing. Deo volente, this work can be completed within three years. The Project has also been able to secure the support of The Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies to aid in the publishing costs of the English edition of De Koninck’s Writings.

Finally, last but certainly not least, the Charles De Koninck Project is now an official initiative of the Sacra Doctrina Project (SDP). In addition to aiding the SDP in its mission of the promotion of Catholic theology as sacra doctrina, we hope to find a larger audience for De Koninck’s work in theology and philosophy.

Soon, donations will be able to be made to the Charles De Koninck Project as an initiative of the Sacra Doctrina Project. More details are forthcoming.

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