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The CDK Project Is Now Live

After a long absence, The Charles De Koninck Project is delighted to announce the opening of its new website. While many of its planned resources are still under construction, we would like to draw attention to the main resource now available: The Bibliography.

Armand Gagné, in his edited volume Mélanges à la mémoire de Charles De Koninck, originally collected a comprehensive bibliography of the De Koninck corpus. This bibliography includes extensive cross-references and annotations concerning the works which were republished or repackaged during De Koninck’s lifetime. The Bibliography of The CDK Project collates this extensive work to avoid reduplication. However, a bibliography listing De Koninck’s works by year of publication is also available, as are database formatted files for popular bibliography software such as Zotero.

The CDK Project looks forward to advancing its goal of making the work of Charles De Koninck more widely and readily available. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on the new site by contacting us.

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