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Laval release of De Koninck’s Mariology

Long overdue as a notice on this website is news of Laval Press’s release of Tome III of their series of the Œuvres de Charles De Koninck​, subtitled Écrits théologiques sur Marie. It can be found here, and is available in softcover or electronic form. There is a short preface by Thomas De Koninck and an introduction by Stéphanie Grimard and Valérie Roberge, both of which can be read online.

This volume includes the three major books on Mary that De Koninck wrote during his lifetime: Ego Sapientia, The Piety of the Son, and The Scandal of Mediation. The latter two are collections of various articles or essays, and while other theological topics are included, the predominant Mariological theme is the death and Assumption of Mary.

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